Filtering Through Traffic

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Found at the The Virtuous Bicycle

In Montreal, the popularity of the bike, during summer on nice days, can make bike paths a frustrating place for anyone that’s used to going faster than a snail’s pace.  Now, I’m not saying that I want to race down the bike path, but my speed is somewhat faster than average based the fact that I have horse thighs and I bike constantly through the year (yes folks, even if it’s minus 40).  So, to avoid the pain of being caught in bike traffic, I prefer to filter through car traffic. Continue reading

Salmoning on Your Bike

images (1)Normally, I hate salmon in the bike-paths.  They normally look like young men in flip-flops, texting while riding barely aware of their surroundings.  But even when they don’t fit that description, they are generally unaware because it’s plainly obvious that they’re going the wrong way, putting themselves, and everyone else in danger.

Sometimes, however, the city forces this behavior through poor maintenance of roads or just ill-conceived cycling infrastructure.  Cyclist break the rules because it is safer, not only because they don’t respect the rules. Continue reading


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Picture produced by the Westmount Walking and Cycling Association

Vendome metro station has always been a contentious place for cyclists riding in to Downtown Montreal from the West, but the new plan to create a separated bidirectional bike-path down the center of the road is both novel and suites the particular needs of the area.

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Licencing Bikes


It’s the clarion call of all angry fatsos driving their big SUVs, “you cyclist should be licensed so that you can pay for the roads.”  Or some such nonsense with a similar tone and air of uneducated near lobotomized speak.

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Then cyclists reply something like, “but I own a car, so I have a licence, which means that I pay for the roads through multiple avenues, including property tax.  Besides, I don’t actually harm the infrastructure because I’m lighter and, blah blah… I don’t kill the planet, blah blah… I’m better than you, drone drone…”

There are many good reasons to not licence bikes that car devotees seem incapable of hearing, but to me there is only one good argument why bikes should be licensed, in my opinion. Continue reading

Copenhagenize My Ass!!!


Mayhem in Copenhagen!!!

While I find it fun to look at the perfect infrastructure that seems abound in places like Copenhagen and Holland, I pretty much sick of everybody spouting off about how if we don’t emulate those places we’re just implementing half-measures, or we just don’t know what we’re talking about.  As if every Danish and Dutch policy regarding cycling could just be superimposed over all existing urban infrastructures world-wide if only they weren’t too stupid or lazy to do so.

Like this smug article, which makes me want to rip my hair out.  You should read on because I’m in no way hypocritical and never judge other cities based on their bike infrastructure (click here to witness my magnanimity).

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